Hillary Rodham Clinton Is Worried About Trump's Government

Hillary Rodham Clinton Is Worried About Trump's Government
    -The DNC had a bad couple of weeks.
    Donna Brazile wrote a book.
    I know she was a longtime colleague of yours.
    And she sort of, in her book, made this comment
    that your campaign, through an agreement,
    had too much influence
    to maybe at the detriment of the Sanders campaign.
    She´s sort of walked back those comments now.
    -Yeah. -What was your reaction to that?
    -I didn´t know what she was referring to,
    because, as has now come out, that just wasn´t the case.
    But the current DNC leadership really invested heavily
    in Virginia and New Jersey and other places.
    And I called the current chairman, Tom Perez,
    to congratulate him
    because he didn´t get knocked off course.
    He didn´t get overwhelmed
    by other narratives and stories coming at him.
    He said, "Okay, our job is to knock on doors,
    make phone calls, and turn out voters."
    And you know what? They did.
    And that´s part of the reason we won.
    -At the same time, you mentioned
    the smaller organizations, the more grassroots.
    -Well, I noticed on your Twitter feed last night,
    you were shouting out organizations like Indivisible.
    And, you know, there´s a lack of trust in the DNC,
    whether it´s fair or not.
    There is a core lack of trust.
    And I think one of the things is it´s so big.
    Is the future maybe these more small grassroots organizations
    that are a little bit more connected to the voters
    than maybe the DNC is?
    -I think it´s both. I think it´s not either/or.
    And I am working hard to support the current DNC leadership.
    They´ve got to make some big investments.
    You know, usually in a campaign, you see what´s on TV,
    you see whatever the candidates are saying,
    but underneath that, there´s so much work going on,
    like we saw in Virginia last night.
    It´s really hard work. It´s not glamorous work.
    And what the DNC is trying to do
    is rebuild our infrastructure, which we didn´t have,
    and I think that´s something that put us at a disadvantage.
    So they can do some things that nobody else can do,
    and we have to support them to do that.
    However, these new groups, these grassroots groups
    with lots of energy that I´m supporting, as well,
    are so into it,
    and they´re people often new to politics.
    A couple of them are people I´ve known a long time,
    some I just met in the last six months,
    but everybody wants to play a part
    in helping democrats and progressives get elected.
    So, I think it´s not either/or. I think that would be a mistake.
    I think it´s got to be -- We got to really invest
    in helping to make the DNC the best it can be,
    and we´ve got to really support
    these grassroots groups that are springing up.
    -It´s exciting to see a new way of doing things.
    I also -- I want to talk about something that´s a little bit
    more depressing, compared to last night´s results,
    which is, you know, Donald Trump --
    President Trump at this point has had very few, if any,
    legislative achievements.
    And those on the left will celebrate that.
    But there is a very scary thing...
    [ Cheers and applause ]
    ...that sometimes...
    But, without needing to make a legislative achievement,
    he´s degrading things, such as the State Department
    where you worked. -Yes, that´s right.
    -How worried should we be about
    the state of the State Department
    at a time when there are so --
    there´s so much going on geopolitically?
    -Well, I think we should be worried
    about the state of the whole government,
    but I know the State Department well,
    having served there for four years.
    There is a lot of expertise there.
    You know, if you´re trying to figure out
    what to do about North Korea, don´t you think
    you´d want people who actually speak the language,
    know the history, and may have had some previous experience?
    -Well, no, ´cause I have Wikipedia.
    -Yeah, well.
    And people whispering in your ears
    who have no basis, even in Wikipedia.
    So I think that there is a sense of demoralization.
    People who I know -- some of whom are still there,
    most of whom have now left --
    you know, really feel like the country --
    It´s kind of going off in the wrong direction,
    because diplomacy is key
    to solving any of these contentious problems.
    And if you don´t pay attention
    to the people who have a contribution to make --
    you´re just kind of, you know, making it up as you go --
    then you´re going to lose a lot of the expertise and experience
    that we´ve built up over generations.
    So I think it´s a mistake.
    I really -- I regret it. And I think it makes us weaker.
    You know, I´ve negotiated with, I have met with,
    you know, many of the leaders who are still in office
    who, you know, President Trump is now meeting with.
    They come fully briefed. They understand what´s going on.
    They have analyzed our weaknesses.
    They try to go after us in ways that are sometimes subtle.
    But if you know enough, you can pick it up
    and then try to prevent it from becoming a problem.
    And he´s just flying blind.
    And, you know, he doesn´t listen to people.
    He undercut his own Secretary of State
    about diplomacy on the North Korea problem.
    So I think it weakens us.
    I think it gives a lot of aid and comfort to these leaders
    of countries that are trying to, frankly,
    take advantage of us during this time
    when we don´t seem to have a particular strategic
    understanding of our role in the world.
    -I want to ask you something else.
    This has become quite a popular meme.
    It´s a photo taken during the DNC
    of you and President Obama enjoying some comment.
    And this is a --
    This is an example of what
    people have been using it for online.
    Here´s one.
    -[ Laughs ]
    Do you remember what -- Do you remember what it was
    that you guys were saying to each other?
    -I do. -Uh-huh. What was it?
    [ Laughter ]
    -You know, my book is filled with lots of revelations.
    -Yeah, there´s a lot of good details in it.
    -Pulling the curtain back and really giving people insight
    into what I was thinking and what was happening,
    but there are some things
    which just have to remain within the cone of silence.
    -Got you. -Yeah.
    -Well, then, I´m going to assume it´s...
    -[ Laughs ] -I´ll assume it was that.
    If you won´t tell me, I´ll assume it was that.
    Thank you so much for being here.
    -Thank you, Seth. -Always a pleasure to see you.
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