Do Not Play: Slap Up Breakfast, Jessica's Song

Do Not Play: Slap Up Breakfast, Jessica's Song
    -♫ Do not play, do not play ♫
    ♫ Do not play these songs, these songs ♫
    -Now, before we start, I just want you to know
    that every artist and song
    that I´m about to play you is 100% real.
    Questlove doesn´t believe me. I sw-- These are actual bands.
    -You guys make them up backstage, man.
    -No, I do not make them up at all.
    These are real bands, actual songs.
    You can download them on iTunes or however you get music.
    -Right, sure. -Stream them on Amazon.
    -Yeah. -Go to your Zune.
    -Get ´em on your Zune, man. -Bluetooth it.
    -Bing ´em. You can Bing them.
    -Bing them as much as you can.
    Whatever you got to do, you do it.
    These are real songs. Quest, get ready.
    This installment is...
    -I don´t believe you. -...fantastic.
    Let´s see what´s on my "Do Not Play List."
    Our first one is an Australian singer.
    Anyone from Australia here tonight?
    -Whoo! -Someone almost is from --
    Yeah, someone was almost from Australia.
    Like, "Yeah!" -"I´ve seen it on a map!"
    -[ Laughs ] "A-huh?!"
    It´s an Australian singer named Kirin J. Callinan.
    And the song is called "Big Enough."
    -There´s Kirin hanging out in the snow, looking tough.
    I didn´t even realize it snowed in Australia.
    But I could be wrong.
    Anyway, let´s listen to "Big Enough."
    -♫ This town might be big enough ♫
    ♫ Big enough, big enough, big enough ♫
    ♫ For both of us ♫
    ♫ Ahhhhhhh ♫
    ♫ Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh ♫
    ♫ Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ♫
    ♫ Ah-ee-ah-ee-ahhhh ♫
    ♫ AHHHHHHHH! ♫
    -Yeah! -All right. Stop. Stop it.
    That´s -- -You sang that, didn´t you?
    No, it´s not me doing that. The scream.
    Man, he really just kept going higher and higher.
    -Big enough synth? -Yeah.
    This next song is a ballad. -Ooh, I love ballads.
    -Right? -I so love them.
    -Yeah. Don´t you love it? This is an artist.
    His name is GBB.
    -GBB. -GBB.
    -Not Jibibi. -Not Jibibi?
    -No, it´s not --
    -She´s on tomorrow, right? Jibibi Hadad?
    -No, it´s not Jibibi. That´s Gigi Hadid.
    -Oh, I´m sorry. I thought it was Gigi Hadid.
    -No. This is GBB.
    -GBB. -Here he is.
    -Yeah! -Just chillin´.
    -This is the photo. -Let ´er roll!
    -This is the photo he wanted for the album cover.
    He´s just chillin´ on the hood of his red Saturn.
    [ Laughter ]
    -Yeah! -Let´s take a listen to a song
    he wrote to win his ex-girlfriend back.
    -Oh. -Here´s "Jessica´s Song."
    -Hey, yo, this song goes out
    to my ex-girlfriend named Jessica Savoie.
    Listen up, babe. This song is all for you.
    ♫ And I will always love ya, now here´s the chorus ♫
    ♫ Listen up, Jessica, this is for ya ♫
    [ Off-key ] ♫ There´s no words that can describe ♫
    -♫ How much I miss ya ♫
    ♫ How much I want you back, Jessica ♫
    -Stop, stop, stop. Stop it. Stop.
    -Ohh! I know what happened.
    I know what happened. -You know what happened?
    -He tuned his auto, instead of using auto-tune.
    -Auto-tune. Oh, that´s the problem.
    -It´s right there. His car´s there.
    -I´m gonna go out on a limb and say he only did one take.
    -Really? -Yeah, I think so.
    -Here´s the good news. They´re now married.
    -The bad news is he sang at their wedding.
    -♫ I love ya ♫
    -Oh, you know what song I have stuck in my head?
    Remember we did one of these with, uh --
    Do you remember "Moustache"?
    -Of course I remember "Moustache."
    -♫ Moustache ♫
    That´s that guy who just keeps laughing.
    Fred, do you have "Moustache"?
    ♫ Vas-y mets ta moustache! ♫
    ♫ Ha, ha, ha-ha-ha ♫
    ♫ Ah-ha, ha, ha-ha-ho ♫
    ♫ Ha, ha, ha-ha-ha ♫
    ♫ Oh-ho, ho, ho-ha ♫
    ♫ Ha, ha, ha-ha-ha ♫
    [ Cheers and applause ]
    -That´s good. That´s good. That´s good. Okay, that´s good.
    Next up is a British duo.
    -Oh, I love them. -Right?
    I´m always ready for another British invasion.
    Who do you love -- What British bands do you enjoy?
    -I love Chad and Jeremy.
    -Yep. You like the Beatles, maybe?
    -Beatles. -The Kinks.
    -Kinks. The Stones. -The Stones.
    This is a new British duo. -Oh, my gosh. Love it.
    -They´re called Billy Chyldish and Sexton Ming.
    The album is called "Dung Beetle Rolls Again."
    [ Laughter ]
    -"Dung Beetle Rolls Again."
    -Yeah. Yeah. -Dung beetle.
    -Yeah, so, this might be a bad idea,
    but let´s listen to a track off here.
    Let´s just start with --
    This one´s called "Slap Up Breakfast."
    -[ Laughing ] Wait.
    ♫ Slap up breakfast ♫
    ♫ For me, for me ♫
    ♫ Slap up breakfast ♫
    ♫ For me, for me ♫
    ♫ Bacon, sausages, black pudding ♫
    ♫ Eggs, chips, beans ♫
    ♫ Toast, tea, or coffee ♫
    ♫ Slap up breakfast ♫ -Come on, man. Come on!
    Come on! -Okay. Stop.
    [ Cheers and applause ]
    -One of them is getting away with a lot.
    -Dude, I have no idea.
    -What are y´all doing in the writers´ room, man?
    -No, I did not -- I did not --
    -Who do you think is playing the rubber band -- Billy or Sexton?
    -That´s one broken rubber band away from not being a song.
    -Yeah. -Yeah. It´s fantastic.
    -♫ Slap up breakfast ♫
    ♫ More for me ♫ -♫ Slap up breakfast! ♫
    ♫ Bacon! ♫
    -♫ Blood sausages! ♫
    ♫ Dung beetles! ♫
    -♫ Biscuits and gravy! ♫
    -[ Laughs ]
    ♫ LEGO´s! ♫
    -♫ Egg McMuffin! ♫
    -♫ Bacon ♫
    -Uh, gosh.
    "Slap Up Breakfast." -I love slap up breakfast.
    That´s gonna be my new ringtone.
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