Countering violence against women - #Orangetheworld

Countering violence against women - #Orangetheworld
    These issues are important because they are more pervasive than we think. We have seen
    from the #metoo campaign, for example, that this is closer to home than we should like.
    This is not just some third world problem. It’s a global problem and we need to be
    cognisant of it, aware of it, and we need to deal with it whenever and wherever we can.
    Otherwise, we’re failing ourselves as an institution, we’re failing ourselves as
    member states, and we’re failing ourselves as persons.
    One of the biggest problems is actually ignorance. We simply need to be pathfinders for the others
    and due to the expectations in our societies, we need to spread these messages all around
    the globe.
    We, of course, invest a lot of our time and our effort in education and training - both
    sides - to educate our people, our troops, when they are going to the theatre and to
    include these topics into defence capacity building and projecting stability.
    NATO has a key role in setting the right standards of behaviour for military organisations during
    their operations. Depending on whether it’s an internal conflict or an inter-state conflict,
    different UN or other groupings come in. We then as a force need to work with them in
    order to make sure that anything that we do and every influence we have upon what other
    people do, produces a better result and ensures there is less violence directed towards women.
    What I would like to do is deliver a message to all the young women in the world who are
    affected by these kinds of threats. We will work to do everything we can together with
    the international community, the United Nations, the whole system of international law, to
    ensure that in your lifetime these issues are confronted, and that we do everything
    that we can to solve them. It’s an absolute top priority for NATO as an international
    institution and we can link arms with others across the world to make a difference, and
    we will try to do so.
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