China's special envoy to visit N. Korea on Friday

China's special envoy to visit N. Korea on Friday
    China plans to send a special envoy to North Korea this week... to talk about the Communist
    Party's recent Congress.
    As the visit follows a series of meetings among world leaders,... some experts believe
    the main focus will be Pyongyang's nuclear and missile programs.
    Oh Jung-hee shares with us their analysis.
    Chinese President Xi Jinping's special envoy will visit North Korea on Friday... and is
    expected to meet with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un.
    That's according to both Beijing-based Xinhua News Agency and North Korea's state-run Korean
    Central News Agency on Wednesday.
    The envoy, Song Tao,... is currently head of the Chinese Communist Party Central Committee's
    department for international affairs.
    It's the first time since October last year... that Beijing's high-level official will visit
    (Korean) "The head of the International Department
    of the Chinese Communist Party is a very senior, high-level official.
    Also, Song Tao is pro-Pyongyang.
    Sending him means that China wants to recover its party-to-party interactions with North
    Korea... in contrast to how their interactions until now have mostly been carried out via
    low-level channels."
    China usually sends special envoys to communist states immediately after concluding the Party
    But, after this year's 19th Party Congress,...
    Beijing sent Song Tao as an envoy only to Vietnam and Laos,... excluding North Korea.
    Xinhua reports...
    Song will inform Pyongyang about the 19th Party Congress that took place in mid-October.
    But experts believe... as the envoy's visit to Pyongyang comes after U.S. President Trump's
    visit to China,...
    Beijing may be looking for an in-depth discussion with the regime... on its nuclear and missile
    (English) "North Korea and the U.S. had very different
    ideas on how to enter into dialogue from the start.
    So the Chinese government has been trying to mediate with both of them.
    I think the Chinese government will probably reaffirm to North Korea that Beijing prefers
    dialogue over any other measures to denuclearize North Korea."
    The experts added... that China might have wanted to show the world that it's still proactively
    taking part in the North Korea issue,... after it seemed for a few months that China couldn't...
    or was not willing... to exert influence on North Korea.
    Oh Jung-hee, Arirang News.
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