A PSA for the NRA | Full Frontal on TBS

NRA members, we're calling on you to break free from the NRA
and join Scientology instead.
Scientology can fill all the holes in your soul
that the NRA currently does.
It will bless you with fear, power
fantasies, a creepily ageless leader, and merch.
Is Scientology safe?
Of course not.
It's bonkers.
But it's, like, safer for the rest of us.
So if it keeps you from feeling like you
need to load up on AR-15s, then hail Xenu or whatever the fuck.
Who needs a rifle to defend themselves when as an OT7
you could blow someone away with your brain?
[POOF] That's the stopping power of Scientology.
Hey, buddy.
I know you like to be part of something small
and universally disrespected.
So why not try Scientology?
Because if you volunteer to be Kirstie Alley's boat slave,
at least you're only hurting yourself.
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